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A Ripple of Power
& Promise

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My Story

Jordan Day is a first time author even though she really does not consider herself one yet. She currently resides in Virginia with her three kids, husband, and six pets. When she’s not thinking of ways to emotionally damage her future readers, she can be found binge-watching The Office for the billionth time or some reality show of no substance. She’s a huge lover of Star Wars and all nerdy yet totally awesome things. Also, she massively enjoys coffee and wears a size floor seats in Taylor Swift.

My Books

A Ripple of Power & Promise

A Shade of Darkness & Deception

A Whisper of Chaos

& Crowns

My Books

"A story so deep, it will leave you gasping for air. Focusing on relationships and storyline, Day creates a world that feels more than fiction to me. Every character has their flaws that showcase their humanity but also contain goodness within them that adds complexity and depth. A tale where choices are endless and what a wise decision for one person means peril for all others. I will be laying in a comatose state until the series is complete"

- Becca TheNightstandBook


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